Best Arthritis Treatment in Gurgaon

Arthritis management - all joint arthritis

Looking for best arthritis treatment in Gurgaon? All joint arthritis is a health condition that belongs to the Musculo skeletal issues and affects almost all the joints that connect to the bones. He ailment is primarily characterised by pain, stiffness, and swelling. It can affect practically any joint in your body, but has been observed to be generally affecting the hips, knees, hands, and spine. Physiotherapy has been considered to be an effective treatment against the all joint arthritis. It can greatly help in reducing the pain and improving your mobility.

Best Arthritis Treatment in Gurgaon
Specific Physiotherapy Treatment for All joint Arthritis

Some specific treatments for treating arthritis are based on the special cases of arthritis.

Here are a few examples that can prove to be effective –

• Osteoarthritis – Physiotherapy as the best arthritis treatment in Gurgaon can be helpful in reducing the pain and improving the range of motion more effectively. The treatment options will include strengthening the muscles

• Rheumatoid arthritis – The treatment in the case of Rheumatoid arthritis can include strengthening the muscles around the joint and the exercises aimed at improving the range of motion. It would also include the education on how to protect the joints from the further damage.

• Gout – If you have gout, physiotherapy can be extremely helpful in fixing the issues related to the strength and reducing the pain. The treatments include strengthening the muscle around the joints. The other treatment modalities would include heat or cold therapy and massage therapy.

The specific treatment options for arthritis in physiotherapy would include

• Ultrasound therapy – The therapy has been of practical use for increasing the blood flow to the affected area. This further improves the range of motion and reduces the pain

• Transcutaneous electrical stimulations (TENS) – The treatment helps prevent the progression of the condition, thereby improving the quality of life.

• Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT) – This is a non invasive treatment that helps reduce pain and inflammation and increases mobility.

• Hydrotherapy – Hydrotherapy exercise would include swimming which can be a great option for the best exercise without affecting the joint or putting a pressure on it.

Physiotherapy makes it a point to address the arthritis issues through the following modalities and treatments –

• It helps reduce the pain and inflammation

• Improvement in the range of motion and flexibility

• Strengthening muscles and improvement in coordination

• Educating the patients in learning how to manage the conditions more effectively and efficiently.

It will also involve making changes to the your lifestyle. Physiotherapy also aids you in achieving the best options in the realm of managing the arthritis symptoms through losing weight, opting for healthy diet, and quitting smoking. In essence, following the principles of physiotherapy can be helpful in improving your quality of life more effectively and efficiently.

At Prognosia, we take absolute care about the proper treatment for arthritis. Our team of experts specialize in providing an excellent treatment for all joint arthritis, but it should also be noticed that the exact treatment for arthritis depends on the health condition. Book an appointment with us and get the best arthritis treatment in Gurgaon for all your arthritis problems.

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